Clark for Senate

Kody Clark for U.S. Senate

A trusted and experienced leader. I've served the North in almost every capacity imaginable - as Governor, Senator, Representative, Chairman, and Delegate.

In a time of outrage an uncertainty, I've listened and heard the people of the North. In Congress, I'm a sponsor and supporter of measures enacting crucial policing reforms and demilitarizing the police.

As Chairman, I brought the North ahead of the police reform curve by passing the COP Accountability Act, and establishing the Office of Police Integrity.

I cut taxes. Hardworking Northerners deserve to keep as much money as possible. Unlike Yimir, who supported a 100% tax on wealth, I cut income taxes by billions and abolished mortgage taxes

Who am I

Kody Clark: A hard-working Northerner and Faithful public servant.


I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, where I learned the value of serving others. Ever since my high school days I've volunteered to help causes I believe in. Today, that cause is fighting injustice, and bringing good governance back to the United States Senate.

Established police oversight in the North

Reigned in Presidential powers over States of Emergency

Protected fair elections by requiring secure ballot scanners

Provided billions in stimulus to overhaul lead water systems

$8 billion

Student Loans Forgiven

$13 billion

Taxes & Spending Cut


Bills & Orders

By the Numbers

2020 Goals

More Police Reform

The Murder of George Floyd and other African Americans by police officers shows that we need to be proactive with reforming our police. I wrote a bill requiring independent investigations of federal law enforcement, and supported bills demilitarizing police.

More Infrastructure

We've made a lot of progress repairing and replacing our lead water systems, but there is a lot of work left to do. I will push for additional funding for clean water infrastructure projects.

Criminal law


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COVID Management

The World is different now, and not in a way any of us expected. the COVID-19 Pandemic has shocked our state. My priority is to ensure we have adequate testing and safety measures in place that will allow us to gradually reopen in the near future.

 Need to talk to me?


I always welcome messages, questions, and concerns from constituents. Please view the Contact Me page for more information.

The above goals are just some of my priorities for the North and the nation. I have always believed in putting the people first, and that means adopting many different goals for the many different people I aim to serve. More of my philosophies are listed below.


I am a firm believer that the right of a woman to seek an abortion should be preserved, and that the decision to seek an abortion should be between a woman, her doctor, and God. I support the "safe, legal, rare" philosophy; by providing easy access to contraception and sex education, we can reduce overall abortions without government bans.


I am a strong believer in the idea that an effective democracy requires ample transparency. I will keep our transparency strong in the North by supporting public reporting requirements and strengthening freedom of information laws. 


LGBTQIA+ Rights are Civil Rights, and, as a member of the LGBT community, I will continue to support civil rights for all.

See the above video from my recent Congressional campaign to learn more about what I stand for!

Bring Life Back to the Senate


The Senate has a reputation for being a rubber stamp, and for not giving proper consideration to bills. As a long time legislator and debater, I will make sure the Senate thoroughly debates the bills that come through.