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I am firmly pro-choice. I believe that restricting the a woman's right to receive an abortion before the 3rd trimester is an unnecessary intrusion of government into the lives of Americans. I believe abortions should always be available in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the life of the mother. 

Green Energy 

I am a strong supporter of green energy development. We need to invest in solar, wind, and nuclear energy development in order to gain our independence from foreign oil. We must also strive to make other forms of renewable energy, like geothermal and hydroelectric, safer for the environment through research and development. 


A transparent government is key to a functioning democracy. Next session, I will support expanding freedom of information laws and making government information and data easier to access from the internet. 

Police Reform 

Police reform has been an important issue to me for a very long time, and even more so now given the major outcry from across the nation. I have and will continue to support police reform measures in Congress, including requiring independent investigations of law enforcement and reducing the amount of military-grade equipment available to police. 


This past session, I sponsored a Constitutional amendment enshrining a right to privacy in the supreme law of the land. The American people deserve to be free from government surveillance and intrusion, and prior administrations have used the perceived threat of terrorism to erode privacy and other Constitutional rights. It's time to end this practice for good.

Clean Water

I find it appalling that not all Americans have easy access to clean water. In the North, I have championed this cause by securing billions in funding to replace decaying water lines. The Federal government needs to do more to support this goal, and I plan to fight for it in the Senate.